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Sustainability Programs

We strongly believe in Fishery Improvement Programs that will lead to more sources of sustainable seafood, and enable us to provide the healthful benefits of fish and other seafood for future generations.

These programs mean a wider variety of seafood offerings for our customers,
and show our commitment to fishermen and fishing communities around the globe:

The NFI Crab Council supports the sustainability of the blue swimming crab in Southeast Asia by helping maintain healthy crab populations, environmentally friendly fishing methods and fair wages for fishermen. For every pound of Phillips crab meat sold, we donate 1.5¢ to fund NFI Crab Council programs.

NFI Crab Council

Phillips donates 1.5¢ for every pound of crab meat purchased to fund NFI Crab Council programs, and for each pound of Phillips fish purchased, we donate 3¢ to SFP (Sustainable Fisheries Partnership) for their important initiatives and vital programs.

Learn more at www.phillipssustainablecrab.com


The Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) Fishery Improvement Fund promotes sustainability for all our seafood sources. It supports fisheries around the globe, as well as the communities dependent upon them, by encouraging responsible management of resources and implementing overall improvements.

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

For each pound of fish sold, we donate 3¢ to SFP for key initiatives and vital programs.

Learn more at www.sustainablefish.org